Saturday, April 18

Departing Kona, leaving Hawai’i

Pattie and I both experiencing very mixed feelings as we ready to leave.

This adventure began on December 16 and we’ve been on the road—Baja, MX; San Diego; these Hawaiian Island—now for 123 days.  The world’s a different place today than it was when we left, and for many reasons our perspectives are so different than when we left.

This final leg, lockdown in a wonderful condo in Kona, has been a relaxing way to conclude, if a bit of an anticlimax without the ability to get to diving, parks, beaches, restaurants, or even meaningful socializing.  But at the same time, it’s been ok, as the living space itself is so very comfortable and suitable to our tastes.

But not all of our accommodations were quite this comfortable.  We’ve been in quite a variety of spots, a few tight studios, and a few more spacious.  In all these spots, though, we’ve really enjoyed being together, haven’t gotten on each others’ nerves, have found ways to give each other space, get things done, and been very happy to explore lots of different things.  From the long, long walks in San Diego, to the many diving excursions; from time in Baja with Tim and Tara to the two glorious weeks in Maui with Jackson, Cristin, and Joe; from the brew pubs in North Park, San Diego to the poke trucks and memorable restaurants in Hawaii; from the many folks we met diving, to the Swedes we met on the farm tour on Oahu’s north shore and shared a day with…so very many wonderful memories built.

I was able to get some good writing done, develop some nice musical-friend connections, deliver a few pieces, and accomplish some quality evaluation and re-evaluation about what it is I do in making music.  And these last weeks, of course, have been a catalyst for much broader re-evaluation.

Our time in Hawaii will have included 42 dives, or 80+% of our diving experience so far.  We’ve had lots of different terrains, weather conditions, water temperatures, methods of entry and exit, dive guides…and learned, seen, and encountered a fabulous variety of experiences, sights, and people along the way.  We’ve got so much to learn, but the contrast of where we are today with the trepidation we felt in December, knowing how many tasks and settings were going to be first-time, is huge.  Although we would love to get in more diving here in Kona, it seems that won’t be possible for at least another month, if not more, so we look forward to learning about the dives in NC when things open up there.

It has been revealing to us how easily we adjusted to being away from home.  Joe, Tim, and Christine have all been great about staying in touch; Pattie was happy to talk to her mom every few days, and continue her ongoing correspondence with her dad.  Admittedly, when this pandemic emerged, we felt so isolated from our Gvl friends and family, but we knew that lockdown is lockdown, and seeing folks won’t happen wherever we are.  We do wish we could make a trip up to Scarsdale to hold, hug, and play with Jackson, though.  [Our original plan had been to sneak in a trip there before heading for Europe, then to meet Jackson, Joe, and Cristin somewhere in Europe during our stay, but, alas…]

Today’s task, though, is to set off again, this time for a two-day trip in a new travel paradigm.  We’re packed—including a few downloaded movies, audio books, ebooks, snacks, and even yoga pad/wet suit for airport sleeping—and as ready as we can be.  Just checked in for tomorrow morning’s flights from SF to Gvl and, surprisingly, the system is telling me that all flights are operating.  Hard to believe, but we’ll hope for the best and expect something less.