Tuesday, April 21

A bizarre night’s sleep, with very odd dreams of people not seen in years.  Feel asleep early for about an hour, then up until 3, finally waking at 10:30.  Such an odd pattern for me; Pattie not awake until after noon, getting in 11 hours.  Clearly we’re readjusting to Eastern time, and catching up on needed rest.

A beautiful day, and one for continuing to get re-settled here at home.  Lots of boxes coming down from the attic—today everything from the kitchen.  And then an afternoon of yardwork, as recent storms had left a lot of debris littered around.  By evening everything picked up, lawn mowed, things looking ok.  Tomorrow I’ll try to do more, but it’s respectable at this point.

The attic unloading is a pain, quite literally, as lifting and moving heavy boxes while stooped over (only smacked my head on the rafters twice!).  A run to the store for a few items forgotten in yesterday’s big re-stock was an opportunity to get some Ben-Gay; won’t fix anything, but certainly provides some temporary relief.

The day ended with thoughts of music, but no writing yet.  But I did listen to a podcast that really got me thinking about an idea for beginning teaching in the fall.  This podcast on RadioLab, starting with the Cataclysm Sentence Richard Feynman posed to his intro physics class in the early 60s.