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Saturday, January 23, 2021

The start of a new year for me, and feeling good about it. Feeling healthy, optimistic, and sensing that I’m approaching the final 20-30% of this voyage with lots of good energy, interests in new things, still motivated to make music, excited by new ideas, and just plain happy to be alive.

My birthday yesterday was buy with teaching and school-stuff–all good stuff, to boot. And also got two video-calls from Jackson, which made the day extra special. This image, from the first call of the day, got me going on the right foot–

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

So very grateful that classes begin Tuesday, that we had auditions yesterday. The need to ready things for more online teaching, for the semester ahead, is an effective deterrent to reading the news.

Because the news is just ever more horrid. Of course, hoping that the incoming administration is able to achieve its goals, which are astoundingly ambitious. Here’s hoping that Congress will work with him. So very bizarre, after the years’ past, to hear half of Congress making claims for the need for unity. It’s all just deeply disingenuous, so clearly all about trying to get back $ lost from the many corporations who’ve recently cut them off.

And one has to wonder about what took these companies so long to actually “stand.”

I found last night’s entry by Heather Richardson an ...

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just a few days left–before classes begin next week; before the drastic slowdown of the last 5 years’ insane Trump-based headlines; until the start of a rebuild of rationality in the White House; until the beginning of some coordinated actions against the pandemic; and more, of course, in the broad world and in your life.

Today’s headlines [look anywhere, though my stop is] say it all. Trump talking about “totally appropriate” comments; McConnell and Cheney noting his actions as impeachable; more detailed reports emerging about the horrors of January 6; the participation of members of our military, law enforcement, even Capitol police, politicians, and the level of violence much worse than originally reported. Let alone the execution of someone who’s so completely incompe...

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Not much of a Schwarzenneger fan, but this is worth seeing.

Here’s a telling page from today’s local paper. Our sycophant representative justifying his actions, followed by letters from the community. Note, in particular, the editors statement in italics at the bottom right–no letters of support were written on behalf of this traitor.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

If you’ve not been reading this Prof’s “Letters from an American” newsletter, it’s quite good. I find it a refreshing source of not-too-heavily slanted presentation of a day’s events.


This morning’s video-call with Jackson…part of his morning routine involves making coffee with dad. During our call I was making coffee, so we did the obvious with our respective coffee filters–

Just wonderful to talk politics with Joe, and then get back to basics with Jackson.

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