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Friday, November 27, 2020

Hoping you enjoyed a reasonable day yesterday, wherever you were. As large gatherings aren’t really something I particularly enjoy, our day here was quite relaxing. Joe, Cristin, Jackson, and Ellie departed before 10am; clearly it was a good idea to travel on t-day, as they were home before 6pm. Less than 8 hours is quick, so. that worked out well.

Just a sheer joy to have them visiting. All day fun with Jackson, a pleasure to get to see him growing. One of the biggest treats was when we all just leave him alone and watch him play on his own. He’s enjoying time on his own–of course, at his age, wanting to know that someone was nearby. He’s doing great.

November 25, 2020
early July, 2020
just hanging out in the dog-toy. basket

We pretty much spent the day giving th...

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

One final day with our special guests, as Joe, Cristin, Jackson, and Ellie will try to avoid traffic by driving back north on t-day. They’ll have been on the road more than three weeks; similar to what they did in early July. Really glad they’re able to get these trips in, and just hope they find a way to get closer to us sooner, rather than later.

Enjoying some evening reading together with dad
…and with mom…
…and Jackson discovering the doggy door.
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Sunday, November 22, 2020

A few shots from Crystal Beach, Jackson’s first visit to see the clan there.


Feeling a bit defeated this morning, so it’s good that Jackson, et al, will reach us at some point this evening.

Defeated and deflated as it now seems Surf City will remain out of reach until well into January; and flights to Bonaire (3-week scuba diving trip booked in February) are cancelled. So, in short, feeling just like the rest of the world.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

The headlines continue to make one thing so very clear to me: Trump and his minions are vile. Absolutely vile. I truly wish I understood how 70 million people find him a good leader, a good person to hold the seat of POTUS. It seems obvious to me that it’ll take decades for US politics to straighten out, and it’ll take a major crisis to bring the country together; likely a war. I don’t believe I’ll see a day when the country comes together.


I’m fascinated by this idea of “silent meetings.” I’d like to find a way to use this in teaching. I’ll continue to read up on the role of facilitator of such meetings, and see if I can come up with a way to execute this in a solid pedagogical setting–either remote or in-person.


Joe, et al, are he...

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Wed., November 18, 2020

Yesterday was our end-of-semester conference day for composition students. The four comp faculty gather to chat with each young composer, individually. While these sessions are brief (15′ for most, 30′ for grad students), it’s a chance for students to talk about the term’s highlights, how things went relative to their expectations; and for faculty to try to prod them in new directions. Mostly, it’s a chance for faculty who’re not familiar with a particular student to gain some acquaintance, and for students to meet and engage all of us.

The conferences went ok, about the same as usual, though done virtually, of course. This 4 hour slice of the day is by far the most time I’ve spent with my colleagues this term...

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Monday, November 16, 2020

An anniversary today, of ma’s passing ten years ago. A relatively brief illness–fifteen weeks from emergency room visit to her death–that sent more than one type of tremor through our family. Tremors that didn’t only make us all orphans, but also leave still-gaping wounds, some deeply unexamined and unlikely to be healed through time, it seems.

Our parents’ generation, born in the 1920s, was raised by 19th c. parents of the ‘old world,’ lived through a horrific economic depression, and served and sacrificed family and friends in an even more horrific world war and genocide. At least for our parents, it’s no small feat to have raised five relatively healthy children, put us through schools, and set us up to understand enough to be good parents ourselves.

It’s odd that I’m offeri...

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

The week just passed has brought increased activity to the house, as Ellie has been with us. Joe and Cristin adopted Ellie, a true mutt rescue, about 3-4 years ago from the SPCA in Queens. She’s an easy, older dog, about 7 yrs old or so. As Cristin’s folks’ place isn’t conducive to dogs, we’re keeping her with us until Joe/Cristin/Jackson pass through again on their return to NY, some time next week. At home in NY she doesn’t play all that much, but here, Frankie is constantly pestering her to play, and she’s really come around.

Play with me!!
A good exhibit of puppy vs. older dog energy

And we’ve been getting some basic puppy training (more like puppy-owner training, to tell the truth) the past four Saturday mornings. Yesterday was the last class–

Graduation day!

The ...

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Jackson made it down to his grandparents in FL. Having not seen each other since last Thanksgiving, I know they’re in heaven as they get to see him thriving. (and he’s loving the pool!)

And a brief video displaying the bond Jackson formed with Frankie while here in Greenville…they’ll stop by again on the way back north, some time next week.

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