Sunday, April 19

On the way home

Yesterday’s travels all went very smoothly, if eerily.  At the Kona airport, all car rental returns were being handled by one company.  We returned the car, and just hopped on a shuttle.  Seas of rental cars parked there, just endless parks vehicles.

When we arrived at the terminal, we had to fill out forms indicating our final destination.  All arriving flights in Hawaii (including inter-island) must self-quarantine for 14 days, so if we to leave the Honolulu airport (stopover to sfo) we had to swear to go immediately home for 14 days.

finishing a great four months

Then a military group on guard was stationed there to take our temps.

Then on to get through security–we the only two, yet somehow I’m randomly selected for additional screening. Will never understand how that always happens but it happened again, even in this situation.

ready to travel

Inside terminal, we enjoyed the open air design, allowing another hour of vitamin d absorption, it was just me, pattie, and four other passengers to be on our plane.  Only other ppl here are 2 security guards, a cop, and 5 army guys on break from temperature- taking.


But we sure did enjoy a beautiful view during the flight…

In Honolulu, a much larger airport (esp the international terminal, from which we fly to mainland), it was just as empty. 

Entire terminals were closed.  When we got on the plane, we learned there were 19 passengers on this plane with a capacity of 220.  Smooth and easy all the way, though.

Got luggage quickly, on to the terminal we are flying from Sunday morning (outside check-in), and found a place to lie down for a few hours. Awaking to write this and to check our bags and make our way to the departure gate…am amazed to see that both flights today are still scheduled as ‘on time.’