Friday, April 17

Kona, day 27

Friday, we drove around a bit to see the waters; walked at the pier just a few minutes.  The water was so clear, clearer than we’ve seen on this entire trip, it seemed.  Greens and blues like a blend of the Caribbean and Aegean Seas.  Just so breathtakingly gorgeous. 

And at the end of our stroll by the beach was the reward of about 6 small pufferfish along with yellow and convict tangs.

As usual, some people in the water, though only a very few.  Driving back home we saw the police clearing folks from the beach areas.  Pattie later found a news article that the police are about to begin strongly enforcing the “no hanging out at beaches” rule.  Swimming and surfing’s ok, but no sunbathing, hanging out, etc.

The late afternoon and evening were all about closing up shop, so to speak.  All is packed up and ready to go except the morning necessities.  I’ll empty the frig of perishables in the morning, we’ll do a small/fast wash so that we’re leaving with all clean clothes, and be off by 9:15 or so.  Car return, bag check, and we’ll have plenty of time to begin the excursion.

Was thrilled again by Eliot and Ran in MI, who delivered a final recording—and then an additional recording that corrected one tiny spot.  And I am so very happy with what they put together.

They brought so much character to this, especially the second recording, which is what I linked above.  I am just thrilled, and hope this isn’t the last time I have the pleasure of working with them.  They really brought a super-highlight to this last week.  I’ve connected with Alex Davis, our engineer back at ECU, about cleaning up the audio quality a bit, as this was just a home recording.  I know he’ll do some great work, and look forward to hearing what he can accomplish.

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