Ed Jacobs, 3.9.21

Before I start going on about me, I would really like to get some sense of you. If you don’t mind, I’ve posted a few questions here; just click on each, then respond; come back and click the next, etc.

>Where are you from (geographically)?
>What is your primary instrument/performing medium?
>Where are you from musically? (foundational stylistic/genre/media influences)
>How long have you actively been writing original work?
>If you have a career goal in mind (if you don’t, that’s fine!), what is it?
>Is there a piece of art (any medium) that you believe changed you in some way? If so, name it (or a few, if you can’t narrow it down).

A 2′ introduction to me (Perhaps a bit silly–created to break the ice with a frosh class during these distant times–but perhaps it does say something about me. And just wait for the whale song!)

Instructions for Living by Mary Oliver
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.


A link to some files which I’ll use today; might be easier for you to view on your own monitor, rather than be subject to my page-turning. I hope to get to those numbered 1 (On Balance), 2 (Palladium), 3 (Aural History), and 4 (The Line Between); if more time, will see what time allows.


Some links I’ll reference:
>A Poem-A-Day
>American Composers Alliance Shelter Recordings
>>Anton Miller’s recording of Six Humors

An important (very brief) read