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Saturday, April 18

Departing Kona, leaving Hawai’i

Pattie and I both experiencing very mixed feelings as we ready to leave.

This adventure began on December 16 and we’ve been on the road—Baja, MX; San Diego; these Hawaiian Island—now for 123 days.  The world’s a different place today than it was when we left, and for many reasons our perspectives are so different than when we left.

This final leg, lockdown in a wonderful condo in Kona, has been a relaxing way to conclude, if a bit of an anticlimax without the ability to get to diving, parks, beaches, restaurants, or even meaningful socializing.  But at the same time, it’s been ok, as the living space itself is so very comfortable and suitable to our tastes.

But not all of our accommodations were quite this comfortable...

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