Wednesday, March 25

Kona, day 4

Awoke mid-night to a text from a very dear friend in NYC whose wife has been down with covid.  She went to the hospital this morning.  Frightening, to say the least, as similar situations are for so, so many right now.

About 90 cases in the state of Hawai’I, most on Oahu.  Here on the big island just a few.  People seem generally good about isolating.  A trip to the grocery store saw few people out and about; some walkers, joggers, a few in the store, of course most stores closed.

Pattie and I just took a drive around the area, “up the hill” to just look around.  Saw some very ritzy areas, gorgeous architecture, and especially stunning landscaping, beautiful views the norm.

From the loft on the second level here, we can see the sunset; lovely and, telling of these days, framed by the windows…