Sunday, March 15

Oahu/Hau’ula, day 1

Serious rain today, until about 3pm, kept us inside but enjoying the view of the storm from our perch on the 6th floor.  We slept well, a bit of a surprise given the bedroom is just big enough to fit the full size mattress.  But we were, indeed, comfortable, and grateful for that.  I spent the morning doing only a little writing, instead going down the rabbit hole of today’s news.  NC schools closing; NYC schools closing; France and Spain on lockdown; Ciaran wrote in an email that he’s had to close two of their pubs in Dublin; news now just in that NC is closing restaurants and bars.  Like a dystopian movie.

[Really afraid that we’ll not get to fly on Saturday.]

Was very glad to catch up with family via phone today.  Just plain good to hear people’s voices, to hear that everyone seems to be doing well in their respective spots in Boston, NY, Bloomington, Florida, and Albuquerque.  Not surprisingly, everyone’s working from home, and I’m glad we live at a moment when that’s actually possible for so many people.  Of course there are so many who cannot do so, and I just don’t know how they’re to get through the bills and expenses of living. When we were on Oahu in early January, we did not have a chance to visit Pearl Harbor, so bought tickets for this week/tomorrow well in advance, not wanting to miss out.  Now we’re really unsure of the wisdom of heading to a major tourist attraction in a large city (Honolulu).  We’ll see what tomorrow morning’s news brings…we really want to go.  At this point, with the news seemingly changing every hour, I wouldn’t be surprised if the site was closed when we awake tomorrow.

Keeping it all in perspective, this video of Jackson (and Cristin) came through, though, and that certainly brings a broad grin to our faces.

a blissful moment of relief.