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Sunday, March 15

Oahu/Hau’ula, day 1

Serious rain today, until about 3pm, kept us inside but enjoying the view of the storm from our perch on the 6th floor.  We slept well, a bit of a surprise given the bedroom is just big enough to fit the full size mattress.  But we were, indeed, comfortable, and grateful for that.  I spent the morning doing only a little writing, instead going down the rabbit hole of today’s news.  NC schools closing; NYC schools closing; France and Spain on lockdown; Ciaran wrote in an email that he’s had to close two of their pubs in Dublin; news now just in that NC is closing restaurants and bars.  Like a dystopian movie.

[Really afraid that we’ll not get to fly on Saturday.]

Was very glad to catch up with family via phone today...

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