Friday, March 6

Kauai/Princeville, day 6

A quieter day back in Princeville, again off-and-on rain all day.  Pattie took in a few self-care appointments, and I got in good writing all day.

Re the writing, it feels a bit like Zeno’s dichotomy paradox…am at 96% done, then 98%, then 99%, then 99.5%, 99.75%, etc.  There’s always another bit of tweaking to do, and I just can’t leave it, let it sit for a week while getting to the next project. But I’m telling myself that tomorrow’s the final day for tweaking at this stage.

With covid-19 all over the news now, we’re really wondering about how to handle our time in Europe, April 15-July 14…

In the afternoon we headed back over to Hanalei, just 3 miles west of us here in Princeville. Pattie had some shopping to take care of while I (perhaps ill-advisedly) caught up on the wonderful state of the world. Then, a drink before dinner where the rain patterns here were on display…

Rain on the right, sunshine on the left

Then we found a food-reason to come here, an amazing tapas place worth the flight!

scallops. That’s all i’ll say.