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Friday, March 6

Kauai/Princeville, day 6

A quieter day back in Princeville, again off-and-on rain all day.  Pattie took in a few self-care appointments, and I got in good writing all day.

Re the writing, it feels a bit like Zeno’s dichotomy paradox…am at 96% done, then 98%, then 99%, then 99.5%, 99.75%, etc.  There’s always another bit of tweaking to do, and I just can’t leave it, let it sit for a week while getting to the next project. But I’m telling myself that tomorrow’s the final day for tweaking at this stage.

With covid-19 all over the news now, we’re really wondering about how to handle our time in Europe, April 15-July 14…

In the afternoon we headed back over to Hanalei, just 3 miles west of us here in Princeville...

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February 29

Molokai to Kauai

Our first tastes of rain arrived overnight and continued into the morning.  Very windy, driving rain, but in 20-30 minute stretches.  The storm and quickly moving clouds made for nice viewing as we got our packing organized.  We had a few hours between checking out at 11 and departing for the airport shortly after 1, so we put everything in the car and sat in the covered area by the pool.  When the weather cleared, we sat in the sun for a few moments; then went under cover as necessary.

We’ve enjoyed every stop along this journey, but this is the first time we really didn’t want to leave a place...

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