Monday, January 27

Hilo, day 2

The last few days in Kona, many conversations with Marc (our AirBnB host in Kona), with several shopkeepers who located in Hawai’I from the mainland (curiously, many from Idaho), meeting and getting acquainted with more folks here in Hilo, I’m taken with the lifestyle of

A day of writing.  Eager to jump into the texture of “it burned,” so got going on that in the morning and stayed with it all day.  I like what I’ve got, but am afraid of its difficulty in execution. 

Pattie relaxed here all day, reading and catching up on correspondence and phone calls.  The pacing of this trip is really such that we needn’t feel pressed to ‘do’ every day.  Plenty of time to relax and live, write, etc.  Took a few minutes to try to trace down the missing items from GoPro, sent here via USPS and now sent back…

End of the day looking forward to the AOW class, a bit unsure of how it’ll all go, but knowing how much I feel I have to learn and eager to improve skills.  The word on the web is that this shop/teacher will be great, and we’re hoping for a good experience, of course.  The e-learning’s complete, now the five dives and associated lessons.

Before bed, more listening through to the day’s writing, and still satisfied.  Hoping to get that ‘it burned’ section towards 45” or so.