February 29

Molokai to Kauai

Our first tastes of rain arrived overnight and continued into the morning.  Very windy, driving rain, but in 20-30 minute stretches.  The storm and quickly moving clouds made for nice viewing as we got our packing organized.  We had a few hours between checking out at 11 and departing for the airport shortly after 1, so we put everything in the car and sat in the covered area by the pool.  When the weather cleared, we sat in the sun for a few moments; then went under cover as necessary.

We’ve enjoyed every stop along this journey, but this is the first time we really didn’t want to leave a place.  Perhaps if we’d stayed here another week it would be too long, but the pace, the quiet, the natural beauty, the sparse population all made for a place we want to just sit and enjoy.  There’s no rush, just the inclination to use one’s time without any particular scheduling pressure.  We really hope to return to Molokai, and would likely try to stay at this same location, at mile marker 13, Wavecrest.

Our flights to Kauai went quickly, with the heavy tailwind getting us from Molokai to Honolulu in 17 minutes; and the next flight on a much larger plane taking less than 30 minutes.  Everything went smoothly on arrival—bags came quickly, car ready, and off we went from Lihu’e on the central east coast to Princeville in the north.  It was already dark, so there was little terrain/landscape for us to appreciate.  But passing through Kapa’a and its resorts, restaurants, shops, bars, etc., showed that the area just north of the airport is clearly quite lively.  We only stopped there to get groceries at a Safeway, but then continued on our way.

Settling in at about 7:45, we’re happy to see this apt is a comfortable one—Pattie quite likes it, and that’s a good sign, for sure.  It’s a condo complex, Sandpiper Village, as was our place in Molokai and the one in Hilo, and we’ve definitely come to appreciate these one bedroom condos, in contrast to owner-converted studios.  We’re looking forward to exploring a bit in the coming days, as Princeville’s situated right on the north shore beaches.