Sunday, February 2

Hilo, day 8

Spending time organizing a package home; getting together some things we bought yesterday which we’ll not need with us, and also sending home clothes and other things we’ve been carrying around but just not using.  Probably losing 10-15 lbs, and making space for the yoga mat I bought in Kona, which will be nice to have along the way.

Did some planning ahead, as well; booked dives for Molokai the last week of February, and narrowed down some plans for Kaua’I diving the two weeks following that.

Also now getting more serious about our Europe travels beginning April 14.  Have a useful list of places we want to visit; planning our first week which will have the treat of a visit from Christine & Stephen.  We’ll spend that week exploring an area b/t Dublin and County Clare, I think…nice to look ahead. And even looking ahead to a December trip.

Tomorrow, a 2-tank dive with another dive shop in town, this a boat dive (vs the shore dives of last week with Bill).  Looking forward to it!