Sunday, December 22

Todos Santos

A welcome, long night’s sleep,  It seems I’ve been making up for lost sleep these past days, and last night no exception.  I went out to look for coffee at about 7, and enjoyed a stroll around the absolutely desolate streets.  But all very clean, unlike U.S. post-Saturday night messes…

Coffee from the hotel café, again meeting super-nice staff.  Pattie and I now reading the paper by the little courtyard pool.  Surprisingly cool outside, but as the sun comes into the courtyard it’s warming up nicely.  So, so relaxing.  Only sounds are of the dogs in the streets…

We’ll leave for the 90’ drive soon, and enjoy the 2 hours snorkeling.  Packed the go pro, and looking forward to getting some great pix.

The trip to La Paz for snorkeling with the whale sharks was really something special The whale sharks so big, yet so gentle. At first, their enormous mouths just hanging open seemed threatening, then we quickly realize they just leave their mouths open to gather the plankton that comes their way. Nothing at all threatening about these beasts.

first sighting of whale shark

After our snorkeling trip, just enjoyed walking around La Paz’s pleasant waterfront area.