Tuesday, April 14

Kona, day 24

Kona, day 24

Spent the morning in a scuba-related rabbit hole that took me through youtube videos, equipment shopping (no buying) and most productively, a few tutorials on color-correcting videos.  After spending well over an hour and trying a few software trials on just that color-correcting topic, I realized that I already have the necessary software on my computer (iMovie) and it does just fine.  Some pretty drastic corrections with minor adjustments.  The example below, some blue snapper from (if I remember correctly) a Full Fathom dive in Kauai, was edited with a single click adjustment…I’m sure a pro could do a ton better, but this is enough for me right now.

before color correction…
…and after.

Maybe i’ll correct everything in this blog and repost–that’d be a good way to kill a day, no?

Between that little learning-morning, and the online Stanford class on Max, I’m enjoying some learning moments when not reading or writing. 

Four more days here.  And am certain that our final leg, from CLT-PGV, will be cancelled and we’ll either be rerouted in a very bizarre way, or (preferred) they’ll pay for a rental car and we’ll drive it.  Not sure in what way the trip will get more taxing, but we’re both resigned to the likelihood that it will.