Thurs-Fri, April 2-3

Kona, days 12-13

Bits of writing these days, mixed in with some walks, yoga, movies and, best of all, correspondence with friends.  Every family/friend that reports safe and sound feels like a victory or sorts. 

Still unable to stay away from daily briefings, but much better watching Cuomo rather than the national task force.  Haven’t heard the president’s voice in about four days, and that’s a huge relief and reduction in frustration.

The daily tolls—death tolls—are just devastating.  The reports from medical staff—just impossible to imagine what they’re dealing with every day, and what they’re somehow able to endure.  Super-human.  The work of everyone keeping our children a bit engaged in learning, from parents to teachers at all levels, I’m certain is revealing to everyone a new concept of what’s is possible. 

But when the day begins for the birds, we get a nice recital each morning…

A nice surprise today/Friday, hearing from a friend for whom I’ve been writing “a little diversion” piece for solo cello.  Just taking a brief break from vocal music from time to time, and working on this small thing.  I’d sent him a page last week, and I gather it’s not unpalatable for him, which is good.  He may even use it in an online thing he’s doing next week…so I sent him another page.  A successful moment of feeling as though what I do is actually reaching out to another human, and that’s always nice these days.

Pattie and I enjoyed another nice walk down to the Iron Man start and back—just about 2 ½ miles, I think.  The water so very clear and beautiful, and a real treat of seeing an enormous group of dolphins frolicking.  And they were really jumping out of the water and doing twists, playing around so much. 

We walked to the area where folks snorkel, and saw lots of yellow tang, a huge parrot fish, angel fish…not sure we can hold off on getting in there much longer.  I think tomorrow we’ll grab snorkel/fins/mask and head in for a spell.