Friday, February 14

Maui, day 6

Today’s a dive day, heading to see the “Lanai Cathedrals”.  We’ll do today’s dive with Lahaina Divers (same outfit as Wednesday) with Joe joining us, which will be fun.  Plan is for the dive, then lunch closer to Maui Dreams for our Nitrox class at 3.  Then Pattie and I will watch Jackson while Cristin and Joe enjoy a Valentine’s Day date nite.

Although i’m still clearly not using the correct filter for the GoPro, there is still some good video of the diving in the Cathedrals, some of the schooling fish, and even some friends who joined us on the ride back to shore.

Inside the Cathedrals
Pattie says “Hello” and “wish you were here”
Schooling fish
playing with the boat

After the dive we went in for our Nitrox class, where we learned the steps necessary to use air mixtures more O2-rich than air. Jackson came with us, as the class was just for the four of us…