Sunday, April 5

Kona, day 15

Another no-sleeper; up since 1, shortly before Pattie finally fell asleep.  Schedules are certainly off.

Started taking a free online (Stanford) course in some computer music software I know and teach, but which I feel rusty on and could use some new exposure to.  Worked on that for a few hours, and found it a good, productive use of time.  I’ll continue that course over the coming week.

A long nap, thankfully, made me feel a bit more alive.  Pattie feeling a tad better today, which is good.  I think we were both a bit afraid…

And Pattie brought up the idea of heading back home on April 18th, rather than staying here longer.  Would be lengthy travel of four flights, layovers in three airports.  We’re wondering about the benefit of being home rather than here, if there is any, weighed against any change in risk in being there.  Not really sure about the risks of air travel just now, to be honest, as reports are of planes being almost empty, and airports being completely desolate.  No decisions on this, and certainly not rushing to make a decision just now.

Now awake again in the late afternoon, will see about getting some writing in.