Monday, April 13

Kona, day 23

Only five days remaining on this stay in Kona, on this wonderful exploration of the Hawaiian islands. We’re feeling so very grateful for the incredible time we’ve had on our 2 weeks on Oahu, 2 on Maui, 1 on Molokai, 2 on Kauai, and 7 on Hawaii (2 in Hilo, 5 in Kona) but also feeling both eager and anxious about getting home. 

We’re eager to get back to our own digs, to put the house back together after the weeks of packing so much and putting it in the attic, but unsure about our travel home.  We’re not concerned about the exposure to covid on the trip home, as the planes/airports will be nearly empty, everyone will have masks, etc.  But as everything is in constant flux, as industries change policies almost daily, as I check flight status of our flight numbers and see they’re often cancelled…I am becoming increasing sure that the already lengthy and tiring trip home (Kona to Honolulu to SF to Charlotte to Gvl; two airlines; 24 hours) will get more lengthy and more tiring.  Have a call in to American to see how they’re handling the constant cancellations of flights from CLT to PGV; they’re listing 2 flights/day, but I have yet to see a flight status for either flight that doesn’t note ‘cancelled.’