Tuesday, March 17

Oahu, day 3

Came to Waikiki for a few dives; seems effective in terms of being pretty isolated from people, and only leaving the room to dive, so…  We did enjoy a dive to the Sea Tiger wreck which, as it turns out, was the very first dive site here in January.  It’s a small ship, but teeming with life, so very enjoyable.  Highlights included tons of Angel Fish, a pretty large moray eel, and yet another friendly, and huge, pufferfish.

So very many living around the Sea Tiger
moray, from above, right in the center of the screen
Pattie and the Angels…

another puffer friend

The second dive was nice enough, a reef that was a bit quiet and uninspiring.  Following the dives, just back to the isolation of the hotel room until Wednesday morning’s dive.