Tues-Wed, March 3-4

Kauai/Koloa, day 3-4

Two wonderful diving days; Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.  We went with “Fathom Five” divers in Koloa, and really loved every moment with them.  The folks involved at every stage—in the shop checking us in, the driver shuttling us over to the harbor, and especially Bahar (our dive guide) and Jordan (our Captain, were just amazing.  By far the most friendly and engaging folks we’ve encountered in this context, it felt as though we made friends here.

The first nice element, on our way to Koloa, was the views on the road, such as this…

canopies everywhere on this drive along the eastern coast (we’re heading south)

The dives Tuesday were a bit low on visibility, and on Wednesday I seem to have goofed with the GoPro (left it on, battery dead when I wanted to use it), so have little to show for the dive, which really was glorious.  We’ll get more next week when we return…

But what i can share in video is the underground landscape here. Seeing this reminded me, as much as anything else, of the above ground landscape in Moab Nat’l Park, in Utah.

At Turtle Bluffs reef

and we did also encounter this exquisite coral, which i wish i could identify–anyone know what variety?