Thursday, March 12

Kauai/Koloa, day 12

This morning’s dive was with a fun group of divers.  A medi-vac helicopter pilot, former military, from PA, whose wife’s expecting (so she didn’t join us) was a super nice guy.  An American Airlines pilot who, together with his friend of many years, was a hoot always ready with a good one-liner.  His friend, likely well into his 70s, learned to dive at 60 (I guess our learning in our late isn’t so odd), and has now broadened his CPA life to include being a scuba instructor.  And the final person on the trip was a gent from Humboldt County, CA who’d been diving with Fathom Five for decades.  He was the serious photographer on this dive—almost every dive has one, it seems—and was a nice guy to round out the day’s trip.

Tons to see re this trip, so posting videos with captions rather than lengthy explanations.  This was really a very pretty dive, and the visit by a baby whale made it all the more memorable!

Some gorgeous Elkhorn coral
More Elkhorn coral, with the arch behind it (which we dove around/through)
Lots of blue-striped snapper on this dive–an invasive species here
A very large Crown of Thorns–not to be toyed with!
A view of Poipu from the water
A view from our safety stop ( staying for 3′ at 15′ to clear some nitrogen from our bodies); the bubbles of our fellow divers
And a baby whale came to visit us!