Saturday, March 21

Oahu to Kona

Thankfully, a good night’s rest last night.

Yesterday really just spent sitting around the condo, like people everywhere.  As the weather was quite nice during the first part of the day, lots of families playing in small groups down by the water.  In the afternoon we got in the car and drove around to the west side of the North Shore, where we stayed during our first week here in mid-January. 

Not surprisingly, still lots of cars parked by the area where there’s usually lots of surfers.  But as the waters seems unusually calm, really no surfers out there to watch.  We continued down to old town Hali’ewa, where all the restaurants were closed…but we were really surprised to see lots of folks getting out of tour busses to explore the beaches, try stand-up paddleboards, etc.

Felt a great deal of relief as mid-day was able to check in online for our flight.  Perhaps not accurate, but it felt as though the likelihood of our flight happening (not being cancelled within 24 hours) was much higher if they’re issuing boarding passes.

Lots of communication yesterday with Janine, our AirBnB host.  She is very conscientious about letting us know how the condo’s been cleaned; seems she’s done a fabulous job, and we appreciate knowing the steps she’s taken.  She’s also been great about leaving some wipes, bleach, etc., there for us.

We’re bringing a bit of food with us in our checked bag, but certainly hope we can find some goods available at Safeway/Walmart/Target when we arrive in Kona this afternoon.

Very easy travel day.  Airport full on the side heading to the mainland and internat’l; empty on the inter-island side.  Our plane was nearly empty with 23 passengers.  We arrived early, picked up the car, got to Safeway where things were well enough stocked for us to feel set for a while. 

Then on to the AirBnB…it’s really great.  Spacious, comfortable, clean.   Pattie and I both observed that we’ve found the sort of condo we’d be happy to have when the time comes to move out of G’ville.  We’re breathing a sigh of relief, and very satisfied to know that we have a few weeks to figure out our next step—and that staying here longer is actually an option.

We really are feeling a bit of relief right now, especially as the news is talking about the pressure being put on Hawaii’s governor to issue a ‘shelter in place’ order…it could be that we really just squeaked out in time.