Monday, March 30

Kona, day 9

Received this morning from Allan, who’s out for a walk in Central Park…

Yesterday i was thinking about how our current state of affairs might effect democracy…This screen shot from a NYTimes article today may point the way:

A smile comes our way in the form of a few pictures from NY, as Jackson’s 8 mos. birthday arrives. So very happy to see him thriving and smiling, so happy that we had those two weeks with him and his parents in Maui in February, and missing them dearly. Word is he’s oh-so-close to crawling, and glad that Joe and Cristin are home to both see it when it happens. Talking to Joe about the little things, the baby-proofing of the house, caring for the house and yard…those moments of normalcy are so very welcome and cherished.

And, finally, in anticipation of our returning to diving, Pattie and I have been doing lots of research on product and prices to get ourselves some equipment. Pattie’s BCD (buoyancy control device) arrived today, and we spent some time fitting it properly, though it will certainly need more fine-tuning when wet suit’s on, in live conditions, etc.

Pattie’s morning breakfast garb

Staying away from the news isn’t getting any easier. I find myself in text exchanges with friends on the east coast at 9am their time…because i’m just lying there awake, or b/c i’ve already given up on sleeping and am sipping coffee while staring at a page of music waiting for me to focus.