Monday, March 16

Monday, March 16

Oahu, day 2

No sleep last night.  Lying awake, I listened to the news…11pm here is 5am EST, so just a ton of bad news to hear and digest along with everyone else.  Europe in such bad shape just now. Schools being closed everywhere, here and abroad; restaurants closing, as well.  Then the market opened and completely tanked.

Emails/texts from friends in NYC and San Diego came in: craziness, instability, uncertainty, anxiety, fatigue…everywhere, everything is so up in the air.

A few hours into the day, now reading that the EU is working on a travel ban similar to the one the US instituted last week.  Then reading that our completely out-of-his-depth White House inhabitant told Governors to find their own respirators and equipment to deal with this pandemic.  Talk about up a creek; we have no one at the helm, at all.

Although the National Park Service has closed the Statue of Liberty and a number of other sites, they have not closed Pearl Harbor.  Nonetheless, we’re not feeling good about heading down there, even though it’s likely empty today, so we’re sorry to miss out on that set of exhibits and memorials, but it seems prudent.