Tuesday, February 18

Maui, day 10

Up early to write, and feeling like “Let Them Not Say” is very close to finished.

Off to the “Hammerhead” dive.  A very rocky boat ride out to the dive site—capt said 9-10’ swells, and felt like a roller coast ride for about 45 minutes.  Thankful that I seem to have figured out the pre-boat ride regime (patch behind the ear the night before, anti-nausea pill in the morning, as well as meclizine), so not seasickness, at all.

The site is known as Rain Fish, and it’s clear why.  We descended over a reef absolutely teeming with fish.  Some schooling, but more just seemingly ‘raining’ through the water.  (see to have lost the video somehow, which is a real shame…) We stayed over the reef for a while, then into a channel between some small islands to look for hammerheads.  We did see a nice spotted ray, and one hammerhead—though at a distance.

Evidently, during our dive the winds really picked up a lot.  So the capt. Told us he didn’t feel comfortable putting us in the water in that area again.  So, we rode back towards calmer waters and then dove to the Carthaginian—a wreck in about 90’ of water.

Descending to the Carthaginian, we encountered the submarine that brings tourists to see the site.

descending, and the “Nautilus”
video cont’d
The Carthaginian
a bit more of the wreck…
and eventually finding some sleeping friends (and a diver in camo…)
On the way back, one of many encounters with whales playing