Sunday, February 9

Maui, day 1

Joe and Cristin went diving at 6am, we sat Jackson until 1 or so.  Jackson’s a really easy little guy, full of smiles.  The only crankiness emerges when he’s hungry or when he’s feeling the effects of teething.  Two teeth coming in now, one top, one bottom.  We really enjoyed him a lot today.

When Joe/Cristin returned we went to one of the dive shops we’re using here, and we picked up jackets which are worn under wet suits, providing extra warmth, but no buoyancy.  We had to then drive up to a shop in Lahaina that had Pattie’s size.  We’ll be heading to Lahaina for many of our dives, so this was a good trial run to see how long the drip is (30+’).

We’d arranged to attend a luau this evening, and it was quite a spectacle.  At a resort in Wailea, which is really resort row, we had a luau experience which was, by most accounts, quite non-traditional.  Table service, open bar…but lots of music, dancing and, in the end, a fire dancer.  It was a nice evening, and a good introduction to lots of Hawaiian history told by the MC/singer.

Highlight of the day? Jackson’s belly laugh.