Tuesday, February 25

Molokai, day 3

A dive day today, largely a pleasant replay of Sunday’s experience with Molokai Fish & Dive.  The early morning easy drive to the harbor, the lowkey loading up at the boat, the small dive group (6 divers) with Annia and Gabe as dive guides, the ease of getting to know the other divers…all such a nice way to get the day going.  This trip was with two very young newlyweds from Tampa, a couple in their 40s from Oahu, and two solo divers, one who splits his year between Molokai and Montana, the other visiting Hawaii for the first time, an experienced dry-suit diver whose entire diving experience was in Alaska.

The boat ride to the dive site offered, like most rides here and in Maui, a view of whales doing their thing.

Whales playing a bit

The whales must have been pretty close, as their song—adult and juvenile—was so clear and strong throughout.  This video is not so visually thrilling, but listen to the whale song!


The dives here continue to show us undisturbed reefs (not so many divers to mess things up, it seems), lots of yellow tangs to provide color, but also parrot fish and, of course, turtles.  The reefs are clean and healthy, the fish schooling and swimming in/out of coral.

hear the whales, see the schools
more schools

Watching these turtles just slows down time; like watching a slow-motion bird in flight.  So very calming, such a nice reminder to relax and appreciate all there is to see around us. 

solo turtle
more turtles

Post-dive we strolled around the ‘downtown’ area, Pattie wanting to replace the visor that blew off her head on the boat ride back to the harbor.  And we enjoyed a sandwich at the mini Sunshine Deli on the main st.  We looked forward to hitting Kanemitsu’s Bakery, but they’re closed on Mondays, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get some of their highly acclaimed sweets, and their evening warm bread treats.

The afternoon brought some writing, the last stages of Let Them Not Say, and I’m hoping to get a nearly-final version to James by the end of the week, before we leave Molokai for Kauai.