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Thursday, February 27

Molokai, day 5

Our final dives in Molokai today and, like the others here, easy and pleasant.  The same boat, crew and even a repeat of sites we’d visited earlier this week.  Small craft advisories and heavy winds had me a bit nervous about the boat ride to the dive site, but along the south shore things were quite calm.

Again, turtles galore around here, especially near their ‘cleaning station,’ but also a spotted ray, a little eel hiding in the coral, and a conch (not a conch, but a member of that family) shell re-inhabited by a sea slug.

look at the center of the frame for the little eel hiding in the coral
a sea slug moves in…
Following a spotted ray
Turtles stopping by for a cleaning

The winning experience of the day, certainly the week, and perhaps the mo...

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Tuesday, February 25

Molokai, day 3

A dive day today, largely a pleasant replay of Sunday’s experience with Molokai Fish & Dive.  The early morning easy drive to the harbor, the lowkey loading up at the boat, the small dive group (6 divers) with Annia and Gabe as dive guides, the ease of getting to know the other divers…all such a nice way to get the day going.  This trip was with two very young newlyweds from Tampa, a couple in their 40s from Oahu, and two solo divers, one who splits his year between Molokai and Montana, the other visiting Hawaii for the first time, an experienced dry-suit diver whose entire diving experience was in Alaska.

The boat ride to the dive site offered, like most rides here and in Maui, a view of whales doing their thing.

Whales playing a bit

The whales must have ...

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Sunday, February 23

Molokai, day 1

Everything about this place seems super-relaxing.  The place we’re staying is spacious, airy, and quiet.  After a great night’s sleep we were up and at ‘em for a 6:15 departure/drive to the harbor.  It turns out we were one of three cars leaving this apt complex at that time.  A very pleasant drive allowed us to chat over coffee while in the sparsely travelled road at that hour—or any hour, it turns out.

Molokai Fish and Dive is the only game in town, we learned.  They had two boats going out; one for whale watching, and one for snorkelers and divers.  We were eight divers with two lovely dive guides, and I’m not sure how many snorkelers were watched by the boat’s captain.

This was a maiden open water voyage for a piece of equipment I recently purchased...

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Saturday, February 22

Maui to Molokai

Travel days are different, but this one was particularly challenging as it involved saying goodbye to Jackson, Cristin, and Joe.  What a fabulous few weeks we’ve had together, and words really can’t capture the sheer joy we feel when we’re taking care of Jackson.

We finally got on our way at 10:30 to return the car, check bags, etc.  The airport experience in Maui was easy.  We flew to Honolulu first, then connected to Molokai via a much smaller plane.  The prop plane loaded passengers through a back door, put cargo in front, and it reminded us of flying between Charlotte and Greenville.

boarding our flight to Molokai

Maui to Molokai

Travel days are different, but this one was particularly challenging as it involved saying goodbye to Jackson, Cristin, ...

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Sunday, February 2

Hilo, day 8

Spending time organizing a package home; getting together some things we bought yesterday which we’ll not need with us, and also sending home clothes and other things we’ve been carrying around but just not using.  Probably losing 10-15 lbs, and making space for the yoga mat I bought in Kona, which will be nice to have along the way.

Did some planning ahead, as well; booked dives for Molokai the last week of February, and narrowed down some plans for Kaua’I diving the two weeks following that.

Also now getting more serious about our Europe travels beginning April 14.  Have a useful list of places we want to visit; planning our first week which will have the treat of a visit from Christine & Stephen...

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