Monday, February 10

Maui, day 2

Up early to get out for an early dive.  But the weather wasn’t cooperating; the captain and dive crew could not find a safe place to dive.  8’ swells, zero visibility under water…so back to the port by 9am.  Took the opportunity to drive a bit further, into Lahaina, to grab some breakfast.  Then went to a local dive shop to get some extra layers, as we’d been cold on the boat.

Joe, Cristin, and Jackson joined us in Lahaina for a lunch, then Pattie and I headed back to our room.  I slept for a few hours…just really tired day (early a.m., and the previous night’s luau went later than we’d hoped, so needed the catch-up rest. Nothing particularly exciting to report, other than our looking forward to diving Wednesday, and we’re just loving the time with Jackson.