Friday, February 7

Hilo, final day

The day began with the good news that Joe, Cristin, and Jackson arrived safely in Maui late last night—and that Jackson is clearly ready for some sun-time!

beach time for Jackson!

Shortly after that Joe sent over a picture of a humpback playing a few hundred yards away from their balcony.  Looking forward to joining them in Maui tomorrow morning, and spending lots of good time together over the coming two weeks.

The day was another rainy one, and we started it with personal pampering—massages.  Great massages.  Offset a bit by dealing with a few issues back home in NC, i.e., a car needing towing/repair, and an enormous branch fallen in our yard over a fence.  No crisis in either case, no one hurt, just stuff to take care of.

After a quick bite to eat, drove Pattie to an appt. well up the hill, into a very nice residential area past Rainbow falls.  Not a long drive, but it gave a taste of a very different neighborhood, and a great view of the harbor.

The evening was spent eating leftovers to clean out the fridge, doing laundry, and packing for tomorrow’s morning departure to Maui.  Bags packed, ready to go, saying goodbye to an AirBnB that’s been nice, clean, quiet, and spacious for us, and the town of Hilo.  The people and vibe has been our favorite so far, a town we absolutely want to return to. Mahala Hilo.