Wednesday, January 22

Kona, day 4 (pix forthcoming)

A fabulous day of diving got going early, with our 7:45 call at the Kona Honu Divers boat slip.  A completely different crew than the group we had on Sunday, and they were every bit as helpful, engaging, and just plain professional as the other group.  Cannot recommend this outfit highly enough. 

The first dive was at “Golden Arches,”  a 45-60’ reef with lots of wonderful viewing.  An easy dive, still clear to me that my skills need lots of honing.  No problems, just using up air quicker than I’d like.

The second dive was at “Suckemup Cove,” so named b/c as you pass through a little lava tube “overpass,” there’s sometimes a bit of a ‘pull’ from one of the tubes that pulls you into a rock (ouch).  Conditions this day didn’t make this a problem for us. 

This dive allowed us a few passes under lava tube formations, which was interesting because of all the fish that seem to like to congregate in such structures.  The diving experience was again easy, and implementing some skills suggestions from the guide, air went much further and generally felt more capable.

Another attraction was the fish gathering around a large coral, moving into the coral from all directions.

and check out the camouflage!
and in the cove, a visit from a gentle swimmer