Wednesday, January 1

San Diego, Day 6

We’ve found a number of spots we want to hit—Cabrillo Monument, La Jolla, some beaches—which are beyond our walking zone.  So today we’ll take advantage of New Year’s day inexpensive car rental rates and have a few days to go further afield. 

Good writing started the day, then after yoga we took public transport (bus) to the airport, which was very simple.  Picked up the car and headed north to La Jolla, where Pattie had scouted out a great fish place—El Pescadero Fish Market. 

And it was fabulous.  I could’ve stayed and eaten several meals there.  Then we strolled a bit, noticing folks scurrying in a particular direction.  One of them said they were in a hurry to get to see the sunset…so we followed them to a wonderful spot where lots of people were gathered to spy a gorgeous sight.  Photographers, surfers, people young and old were milling about and enjoying the view. 

More strolling around La Jolla, to which we’ll return for a full day at some point in the next few, then a little food shopping and on home.

As Pattie said, “another good day bumbling around.”