Thursday, January 9

San Diego, Day 14

Not particularly good sleeping, and awake at 3.  Did get some productive writing done, but by 7 was nodding off at the table, so back to sleep for a few hours.

We are starting to feel the excitement of Saturday morning’s departure for HI, so little bits of planning for that.  A SCUBA trip in Kona, and an advanced certification class in Hilo, which will include five dives, and training in skills we can certainly use.  Excited for the underwater adventures ahead.

The weather was unusual for our time here; overcast, gray, rainy, windy, a bit cold, actually.  Pattie wanted to pick up a few things, so we did bundle up and walk around a bit. 

We hit the farmer’s market in the neighborhood and wished we were staying, to take advantage of all the varieties of tomatoes, cauliflower, beets…just all looked really delicious.

A bit more writing before turning in—having set “we saw,” now turning attention to setting “we heard,” “we ate, we trembled,” “we spoke,” etc.  So far, so good.

And before the night closed, took a moment to check the Lottery numbers, as we’d opted to invest in PowerBall last night. Here it is, the $248 million winning ticket.

…maybe not.