Sunday, January 26

The day started with the pleasure of being cool with the windows open here in Hilo.  Coffee, writing, birds, slowly dawn…doesn’t get any better.

As the day got going, we headed to the farmer’s market downtown—open seven days a week—and got some fabulous fruit and veggies.  With a full kitchen here, we’re looking forward to making a proper dinner this week.  We brought our goodies back to the apt and headed out to Akaka Falls.

As the falls is only ten miles from town, we took every scenic route option; the first a four-mile road towards the Onomea Trail, which lead to botanical gardens.  Gorgeous views of a lush waterfront, now the green vegetation along with the black lava rock.

A stroll down a short trail to the rocky shore—the water so clear, but churning.

Back on the short ride to Akaka Falls, then on to the half-mile, pleasant walk around the falls.  So, so lush, and rich with bamboo.

These falls, twice the height of Niagara—but nowhere near the width and water volume—highlight an entrancing, moss covered cliffside framing the narrow falls and its shallow landing.

We drove back to Hilo, going further than our downtown, along the waterfront to a series of parks filled with people enjoying the day picnicking and on the water.  As we made our way back into town, the reviews of Pineapples Island Fresh Cuisine proved irresistible…and, as we found out, the reviews were right on.