Wednesday, December 18

Cabo San Lucas

This is a city, for sure.  The drive here yesterday from the airport felt much like driving in the Bronx.  Nothing too hairy, but just lots of people driving offensively.  Had about 45’ from airport to hotel, and it went easily (thanks too google maps!).  Found a little place to grab dinner, which was delicious, then hit the sack.  Pattie and I really beat (4am wakeup in Gvl), Tim/Tara walked the streets a little bit before turning in.

Breakfast at the hotel, then we got to the Manta Dive Shop before 1, checked in, met our dive guide Matthias, and then got settled onto the boat.  Nice setup; 7 divers, 2 guides; Matthias the guide for Pattie, Tim, Tara, and me.  The boat rides were very short, which really left all of our time for diving.  Got in two dives, down to ~70’, which was deeper than what we’d done in the past (by a long shot), but not at all uncomfortable.  If we’d not looked at our watches to see the depth, none of us would have realized we were beyond 30-40’.  We first went to Pelican Rock, a dive which was nice but not super-special. Some wonderful rock formations, though…

Then went to Land’s End where Matthias brought us close together, then positioned us right below/inside an enormous bait ball.  That was amazing.  Like being in the middle of a gathering storm; I can’t imagine how many fish were in this bait ball, but is was like a solid cloud.  We stayed there for about 15 minutes, watching sea lions and big fish come in to feed on the fish in the ball. That was memorable, for sure.


The evening was spent walking the streets, eventually settling in to a restaurant for tacos, then walking to take in the sights and sounds. 

A good day.