Thursday, December 19

Cabo San Lucas–>Cabo Pulmo

Time and Tara went on a fishing trip this morning.  Calm waters, no fish.  But they had an enjoyable morning.  Pattie and I relaxed, had breakfast, did laundry—everything pretty ‘aromatic’ following the previous evening’s taco restaurant. 

Set off to Cabo Pulmo in the early afternoon, stopping off at the San Jose Del Cabo Walmart.  We’re told no provisions at all in Cabo Pulmo, so we’ll stock up on some things to keep us in pb&j, water, etc.

The drive was easy, though the last 6 miles were a bit rough.  As advised by the rental car owner, we stopped to deflate tires quite a bit to deal with the rough road.  At several spots, the road was just enormous puddles/small lakes, though we had no problem driving through without incident.  The entire drive was about 2 hrs 45 min or so. Checked in to our little bungalow, and it seems to have everything we need.  We did head over to a little restaurant to get some dinner, and it was surprisingly good.  Just a two-person operation, but clearly one of the places to be for dinner and a hang.

A quiet day, really, the big activity (for me) being a haircut…