Friday, December 20

Cabo Pulmo. 

A remote, unfinished area—really love it.  The entire community of bungalows and little dive/snorkel shops and little restaurants is owned and operated by members of one extended family.  Everyone is super-friendly, though I certainly wish I had more Spanish; it’d be nice to communicate more colloquially with folks.

The weather is very windy here, with 12’ swells.  No one’s going out except super-expert divers.  And they’re saying there’s no visibility.  Seems it’s been this way most of the week.

The offshore National Parque is said to be extraordinary, which is what brought us this way.  In their desire to keep it somewhat untrampled by tourists, it’s only open about 6 months of the year, then only 3-4 days each week.  No luck for us this trip.

The day was very lazy and easy, walking around, finding a beer, seeing the area where the locals live, walking to the beach and just sitting and watching the waves.

Dinner at a different place than the previous night.   Certainly fine, and we got a chance to see/hear Tara use her Spanish. This area reminds me very much of the outside-the-city areas Joe and I saw during our Morocco trip.  Nothing finished or polished, but everything you need and very friendly people to help you find it all.