Tuesday, March 24

Kona, day 3

Began the day catching up on correspondence from just a few weeks ago, noting just how much our lives have all changed in that short span.  I notice my correspondence becoming more journal-like these days…perhaps not surprising.

Gov Cuomo reports that the number of infections doubles every three days.

Gov Ige of Hawaii now announces lockdown (food, medicine, exercise, etc.) until April 30.

Beginning to think about how long to stay here now, seeing this condo (where we are now) listed on AirBnB at a more reduced price, wondering if possible to get even better rate.  Seeing other places available, of course, though considerably smaller.  Will talk about this with Pattie when she’s up and at ‘em.

Worried about a friend who now seems to have covid-19, though unconfirmed, as symptoms seem clear (fever, breathing issues).  Another friend reports his 50-yr-old, otherwise tip-top healthy brother-in-law in Italy just passed away.  I don’t know how lucky those of us who’re staying clean can be, how long we can stay clean…every sniffle, moment of fatigue, bring fears of something much worse than the morning stuffiness, etc. 

A general anxiety and trepidation is the norm now, it’s clear.