Thursday, January 30

Hilo, day 5

The 5th and final dive of our advanced open water certification, again at Lele’iwi beach, and another great day. Perhaps the visibility not quite as good as Wednesday, but still great.

Much of what made this final dive so enjoyable was our increased confidence in maintaining our buoyancy. Pattie and I each felt a significant difference in our skills-growth, and Bill, our instructor, was very ready to talk about our improvement.

The quiet perspective at 30′
A lesson in taking one’s time, going with the flow

The turtles on this dive were just exquisite. At one point we were just in awe watching a few of them all together. Below, one of the turtles we encountered was clearly tuckered out, sleeping with his head on a rock/pillow.

sometimes you’re just too tired to move a muscle

On our way out Bill noticed this, covered by sand, resting on the ocean floor, likely ~15-20′. Then another example of showing us how to look at things a bit more carefully…

knowing what to look for.
In this case, a helmet

The final dive over, with our certification in hand, we took Bill out to lunch at a favorite spot of his (and brought back lunch for Masako, too!). The post-class pix prove we worked with Bill!

The famous Bill De Rooy, happy to be with Pattie