Tuesday, December 24

Outside El Pescadero

I’m writing this in the kitchen, having come in to make myself some instant coffee…a nice surprise to find Alvara putting out coffee, and the owner soon bringing some breakfast-sweet bread, some fruit, flowers for the table.  This little place is so special, really and, as everywhere we’ve been, the people are so very friendly and warm.

holiday decorations…
…with party cups

So much for instant coffee—theirs is much more delicious.

Off to rouse the troops, as in about an hour we’ll pile into the car to take Tara to the airport (about 75 minutes south) for her flight home for the holiday.

After getting Tara to the airport—easy ride, just at an hour—we stopped at the Walmart in San Jose del Cabo to get a few things for the next few days’ meals.  Then back to our place further north.

Hit the beach, which is really close, but it takes a while b/c of the slow off-roading ride.  As the crow flies it’s probably 2 miles; it’s nearly a 30-minutes drive.  Just as we walked onto the beach there was a pair of woman offering massages…Pattie and I got one, and it was surprisingly good. 

The beach at El Cerritos has about 5-6 resorts.  All look nice, and are varying degrees of ‘fancy.’  All, though, require travel on about a half-mile of slow-going dirt roads.

Back at out place Alvaro was prepping to make pizza for everyone—this guy seems to do it all. Dinner/pizza was a nice gathering with a couple from Seattle, he a Brit, she American school teacher; and an engaging couple from Mexico City.  She an architect, he some sort of video production/designer.  Really nice folks, and they also got lots of backstory from Alvaro and shared.

He’s left his home in Cordoba, Veracruz about 5-6 years ago, going to La Paz to get work in farming.  Then was brought into a construction company in Cabo San Lucas.  The boss there knew the owner (a retired engineer) of Casitas El Salistral, and connected him with Alvaro.  Alvaro, fifth of twelve boys, then moved here four years ago and has helped build this place from the ground up.  He is the single staff person, running everything from maid service to food prep, to reception and trouble-shooting, to construction…and he makes pizza for guests once each week, as well.

An evening of travel-socializing, and the pizza was good, to boot.