Sunday, December 29

San Diego, day 3

A good night’s sleep, and the morning an excellent one for writing.  “Let Them Not Say” has been slowly emerging over the past few mornings, today taking on some discernible shape and harmonic form.  The opening measures now feel quite right, quite prayerful, meditative, evocative of incantation.  Of course, we’ll see how it feels tomorrow…

We spent some time looking forward to our first week in HI, on Oahu.  We planned a few scuba trips, a snorkel trip, and scouted out a really interesting looking “secret waterfall” hike, and a fruit farm tour.  Not sure those last two will be possible, but we’ll see. 

A pleasant evening walk to the New Zealand eats spot again, and a nice beer/snack.

Alas, no pix today.