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Monday, December 30

San Diego, day 4

Cold here in this studio apt, especially pre-dawn.  But coffee and the space heater make it tolerable. 

Slow morning; disappointed in myself for letting some ECU-work emails distract from writing—breaking from that is really the point, isn’t it?—but it’s my own fault.  Just want to assure that I’m not shirking certain particular things that feel like my responsibility to finish up, rather than passing the buck to Travis.  He’s got plenty to do, really doesn’t need anything added to his plate that should have been taken care of already.  This issue should have been dealt with a month ago, but one can’t control others’ adherence to deadlines passed…  Hoping my email this morning will put this to bed, but am unsure.

The day became a fun one,...

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Sunday, December 29

San Diego, day 3

A good night’s sleep, and the morning an excellent one for writing.  “Let Them Not Say” has been slowly emerging over the past few mornings, today taking on some discernible shape and harmonic form.  The opening measures now feel quite right, quite prayerful, meditative, evocative of incantation.  Of course, we’ll see how it feels tomorrow…

We spent some time looking forward to our first week in HI, on Oahu.  We planned a few scuba trips, a snorkel trip, and scouted out a really interesting looking “secret waterfall” hike, and a fruit farm tour.  Not sure those last two will be possible, but we’ll see. 

A pleasant evening walk to the New Zealand eats spot again, and a nice beer/snack.

Alas, no pix today.

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Saturday, December 28

San Diego

A day of relaxation, yoga, laundry, strolling around the neighborhood, and a “New Zealand Eats” late lunch.  Very glad to get a surprise call from Sam, who’ll be here for a tango festival.  Looking forward to a lunch with him on Monday!

Just finding the right people to hang with
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Friday, December 27

San Diego

Arrived SD yesterday—Alaskan Airlines is great!—and made our way to the AirBnB.  Small and cozy, with a great patio.  Hoping the weather cooperates to make the patio comfortable to use; a bit chilly now, as I’m up with coffee, with coat on inside.

What a fabulous day; started with a walk to University Ave., continued for ~8 miles.  Once we reached Balboa Park, we realized what a great spot that it.  It’s home to numerous museums and small parks—not the least of which is the zoo—and also a food truck festival. 

in Balboa Park, amidst a food truck festival!
happening upon an organist’s practice session in Balboa Park

We’ve found lots of spots we’ll head back to over the coming two weeks...

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