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Sunday, February 16

Maui, day 8

Nice that we all got to spend the day together today.  Since it was a two-tank shore dive, we all went and just switched off for the second dive.  Joe, Pattie, and I did the first dive; Joe, Cristin, and I did the second.  We dove the Olawalu site, which is really just about 20’ north of where we’re staying in Kihei. 

What made this dive different, and fun in new ways, was that these were dives with underwater scooters.  I didn’t know what to expect, so left my GoPro on shore…so you’ll simply have to believe me when I say we had a load of fun. 

The visibility wasn’t great near shore, but got much better as we moved away from shore, following a sand channel between mounds of coral...

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