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Friday, February 28

Molokai, final day

Kalaupapa National Historic Park is a peninsula on the north side of Molokai.  This little spit of land was, in the mid-19th century isolated as a ‘leper colony’, originally using the east side of the peninsula, Kalawao.  That original settlement, in 1866, was developed over several decades into one that supported about 1,100 patients, largely cared for by Father Damien, Sister Marianne, Captain Dutton, and often their own family.

We began our tour with a 7-minute flight to Kalaupapa, as there is no road in or out.

approaching Kalaupapa from the west, after crossing to the north of the island

A guide picked us up at the airfield there in Kalaupapa, then drove across the peninsula to Kalawao...

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