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Saturday, December 21

Cabo PulmoàTodos Santos

Lazy morning, then set off toe Todos Santos.  The first 30 minutes a slow, bumpy ride over 6 miles of washed out road; then an easy highway hour, then an hour of mountain passes with beautiful views. 

Todos Santos really a quaint little town, though bigger than I expected.  Lots of little shops, restaurants, etc.  Our hotel (Casa Tota) very nice, small, clean, super-friendly staff.

We wandered and found a great lunch spot; family style plate of pork, a dish of sides (cukes, guac, salsa, radishes), and a plate of tortillas.  Very satisfying for all of us, delicious.

In the midst of it all, Tara got some pix of a Quinceañera celebration/parade passing through town…a little local flavor.

a Quinceañera parade!

Wandered around the town (turns out “...

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