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Thursday, April 16

Kona, day 26

3am is becoming my regular out-of-bed time.  Seems ok as long as I nap a few hours later.  Feeling ok, but do see the bags under my eyes.

Feeling a bit antsy about the coming travel home this weekend.  Not worried about covid exposure, as I’m quite sure the planes and airports will continue to be empty.  I’m more concerned about flight cancellations, having to spend more than one night sleeping on airport floors.  Specifically, I’m expecting the CharlotteGreenville flight to be cancelled and hope that the airlines will just pay for a rental car rather than putting us on some bizarre rerouting.  Perhaps I’ll make a rental car reservation just in case, and if we have to foot the bill for that, so be it.

Today we’ll start to get our packing together; if it’s ...

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