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Saturday, January 25

Kona to Hilo

A good night’s sleep, and a quick prep to leave.  All was pretty much packed, so got things into the car, and ready to roll.  We got a little breakfast bowl by the waterfront, then went for a quick stop to the grocery store for drinks/snacks for the drive, and a little cooler for some of our perishables. 

There are several ways to get from Kona, on Hawai’i’s west coast, to Hilo, on the east.  There’s the ‘saddle road’, which takes about 1.45, and there’s the options along either the north or south coast.  Everyone recommended the north coast drive, so that was our heading.

Waimea was our first town, just under an hour from Kona, after endless expansive views of the Pacific coast, and road-bordered black lava...

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